181: The Magic of Guacamole, Science of Gift Giving, & a Fast Food Funeral


Show Notes

Sarah begins the show with a discussion about her passion for Christmas decorations (and Susie had to break the news that Sarah’s tree is probably dead). They discuss tricks on how to buy better Christmas presents according to science. Sarah says she almost bought Susie’s kid a freaking hamster (and why Susie explains why that would ruin their friendship). Sarah describes a hilarious informercial for the Vino Pop that is suspiciously sexual. They discuss a man who made up a fake restaurant to see if he could make it a hot spot, we find out which word in your dating profile makes you more attractive, and Susie read an amazing short story that resonated with her. Today’s show is brought to you by Storyworth.com–for $20 off a subscription to this awesome gift, use code BRAINCANDY. For 20% off all gift subscriptions of amazing eauty products at birchbox.com/braincandy use code BRAINCANDY. And for 20% off your first month at SinglesSwag.com use code BRAINCANDY.

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