The Brain Candy Podcast - Candy Club



The new Brain Candy Podcast Candy Club is bringing smart, hilarious people together to discuss books, documentaries, and the latest in pop culture, psychology, and society. Former MTV Real World and Road Rules cast members and winners of MTV’s The Challenge, Susie Meister Ph.D. and Sarah Rice MFT, host the Candy Club, which combines their long-running and popular Book and Documentary Clubs and live Zoom events, all in one place.

It’s the perfect place for readers and documentary lovers to laugh, learn, and connect with like-minded listeners of the Brain Candy Podcast (aka Brainiacs!). Like on their podcast, Susie and Sarah will engage the content and each other with their signature irreverence and passion for learning.

Watch amazing films, read thought-provoking books, and interact with hosts Susie and Sarah (both of whom host every meeting in person), but most importantly get to know other listeners and fans who have created an incredible Brain Candy community. Susie and Sarah will spearhead discussions and debates with the quick wit and hilarity for which they were made famous on reality tv, and you’ll get a ton of new, amazing friends who share your love commitment to lifelong learning.

But let’s be honest. Come for the laughter. Stay for the laughter.

The Candy Club Membership Includes

  • Monthly Zoom Video Meetings – Hosted by Susie and Sarah.
  • Fantastic Prize Giveaways – Exclusive Brain Candy Club merch, books, products and more.
  • Access to Brain Candy store discount codes and credits.

The Brain Candy Podcast’s Candy Club membership is only $9.99 a month or you can save 15% by signing up for a yearly subscription for a discounted $99.


Q: How do I join?
A: Click the Candy Club product on this page, and purchase a monthly or yearly membership.

Q: How much do they each cost?
A: $9.99 a month or $99 for the year (15% saving)

Q: How do I know which books we’re reading or documentary we’re watching?
A: You’ll be added to the members email list and receive email notifications each month that contain all the information you need. We suggest also following The Brain Candy Podcast Instagram for giveaways and updates.

Q: Do I have to read both book, or watch the doc?
A: No! Read what you can, watch what you can. Join the discussion, or sit and listen. There’s no pressure.

Q: When do we start reading new books or watching docs?
A: The Books and Docs are chosen each month by Susie and Sarah, an email is then sent out to all Candy Club Members, so look out for that email (Check your spam)

Q: How do I find out when LIVE meetings are held?
A: You will receive meeting schedule dates and times in an email.

Q: How do the LIVE meeting work?
A: You’ll receive a Zoom link via email. Simply join the meeting at the time of the event, and enjoy. Camera on, or off. It’s totally up to you.