180: Lifestyles of the Weird & Wacky–Murder, Marriage, & Death


Show Notes

Today we revitalize our Weird & Wacky series, and we discuss Hunt-A-Killer mystery boxes, a woman marrying her chandelier, and a Coffin Club. Hear about people who have “spite houses” just to get revenge on someone and the reason Sarah is super into this new reality show called Stripped. Today’s show is brought to you by BioClarity–for your first month of this amazing face wash system, go to bioclarity.com and use code BRAINCANDY. For $20 off your Brooklinen sheets, go to Brooklinen.com and use code BRAINCANDY. For $30 off your first week of Hello Fresh, go to hellofresh.com and use code BRAINCANDY30. And for the Family Gift Pack of all the meats for only $49.99, go to omahasteaks.com and use enter BRAINCANDY in the search bar.

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