179: Stop Being Polite, Tonya Harding, & Penis Transplants


Show Notes

Sarah got a new dog and Susie thinks it’s like the Duggars having another kid. Hear about the craziness that is penis transplants, the man with the Do Not Resuscitate tattoo, and the man with socks so stinky he got arrested. Plus, we talk about the redemption of Tonya Harding, and why we hate the idea of “America’s sweetheart.” We talk about modern day dating, and how men want women to pay for their half. Plus, random bird trivia, a new documentary about abuse, and lots more! Today’s show is brought to you by MVMT. For 15% off these beautiful watches go to mvmt.com/bcp. For a 4 week trial, a digital scale, and postage, go to Stamps.com, click on the mic, and enter BRAINCANDY! Try the free browser extension Honey in two clicks and get millions of coupon codes at your fingertips. Go to joinhoney.com/braincandy. For the Family Gift Pack of Omaha Steaks for $49.99 go to omahasteaks.com and put BRAINCANDY in the search bar.

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