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Make Parenting Great Again (w/ a few fun finds!)

Attention parents, kids, and people who are for some reason having to deal with children on a regular basis:

If you have a little kid in your life who loves all things construction, then you will love this plate and utensil set. It’s a construction zone, and makes eating fun for our little builders. Despite my best efforts, sometimes mealtime can be the most frustrating time of the day as a parent (and that’s saying something if your kid is as bonkers as mine!), but when “Aunt Sarah” bought this for my son for Christmas, suddenly my kid wanted to eat anything in the construction zone. Anything that can make my kid want to eat peas is A+ in my book.

Constructive-Eating-3-Piece-Utensil-and-Matching-Plate-Set-0-4Constructive-Eating-3-Piece-Utensil-and-Matching-Plate-Set-0 Constructive-Eating-3-Piece-Utensil-and-Matching-Plate-Set-0-2

My kid recently got this, and we are having such a blast at bedtime. This night light has a bajillion settings, so it can be tons of different colors, shapes, and can be rotating or still. I love bedtime so much because the sleepy state makes my kid tell me funny stories and ask weird questions, and this night light has made bedtime even more fun. You’ll love it.

Night-Lighting-Lamp-2-Gneration-4-LED-Beads-3-Model-Light-49-FT-15M-USB-Cable-Romantic-Rotating-Cosmos-Star-Sky-Moon-Projector-Rotation-Night-Projection-Kid-Bedroom-Lamp-for-Children-0 Night-Lighting-Lamp-2-Gneration-4-LED-Beads-3-Model-Light-49-FT-15M-USB-Cable-Romantic-Rotating-Cosmos-Star-Sky-Moon-Projector-Rotation-Night-Projection-Kid-Bedroom-Lamp-for-Children-0-5

If you have a young one at home, you probably have fifty seven sippy cups rotting behind your furniture and a few random lids at the bottom of your dishwasher. I didn’t want my life to be overrun by sippy cups so I bought ONE.

Thermos-Funtainer-12-Ounce-Bottle-0 12oz-Funtainer-Straw-Thermos-Bottle-PAW-Patrol-0Thermos-Funtainer-12-Ounce-Bottle-0-2

It is insulated, so my super picky kid that likes everything COLD!!! is happy, and it doesn’t get moldy or musty like those ones haunting my nightmares that people were posting on Facebook a few months ago. I am obsessed with this Thermos. Buy it and thank me later.

Finally, nothing is cuter than a little kid in slippers, and I think Stride Rite has the cutest ones. I recently bought my son blue monster slippers, but in honor of Shark Week coming up, I thought I’d show you these beauties. LOVE THEM!


Let me know if you find any fun parenting hacks, toys, or gadgets. We all need all the help we can get!






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