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Wine Time

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that our “brand” is pretty consistent here at the Brain Candy Podcast: we love wine.

We like red wine. We like white wine. We like rosé. We like it at home, at restaurants, and in Winnebagos (as it were). But what’s a girl (or fella) to do when you want a nice glass of wine, but you’re in a hotel room, on the beach, at a picnic. Wine just ain’t the same when it’s in a red Solo cup.

So, in my infinite wisdom, I have a solution. I present to you Susie’s Car Bar. Now, let me be clear, it is called the Car Bar because I keep it in my car for when I’m out, not because I endorse any kind of drinking and driving. That’s for crazy dum-dums.

I pack it in my carry-on when I’m going out of town (because even the opener is TSA approved), and it’s the perfect wine kit you never knew you needed. You might think, “Where the devil would I ever use a wine kit?” Well, you’d be surprised. I absolutely hate hotel glasses (that the maids just wipe clean every day—ew!). And there have been tons of times when the moment just struck me when I was out with my girlfriends or took a romantic stroll with my husband.

For your perfect wine kit, check out our store or use the hyperlinks here. All you need are: plastic nesting wine “glasses,a wine puller, rubber wine stops, and a zip pouch to carry it all. Put it all together and voila!

Vacu-Vin-Wine-Stoppers-0GSI-Outdoors-BPA-Free-Nesting-Wine-Glass-0                Eagle-Creek-Pack-It-Quarter-Cube-Small-0-4

And, while you’re at it, try Apothic wine, which I recently bought because–I swear–my son liked the label, and it ended up being super scrumptious. They also have a Dark Horse red blend that makes my heart sing.


Let me know if you love it as much as I do!



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