770: Three Joke Johnny, River People, & Claymation Catastrophe


Show Notes

Sarah wants you to know your joke is funny and why, and we’re here for it. We discuss the controversial comedy of Matt Rife, his decision to do domestic violence jokes, and his appearance on The Challenge. Just when we thought we couldn’t love/hate Crocs any more, they go and do country/western styles, and completely redeem themselves (for light to moderate ranching only). Sarah is inexplicably mad at a particular shoe company and it’s hilarious. Apparently it really grinds her gears when people have, and I quote, dusty feet. We also hear why she is never, we repeat, never, trying to look elegant. A restaurant is charging $50 for bad parenting, and we discuss whether we like this policy. We also hear about a restaurant whose staff is made up of people living with dementia, and why it sounds like a solution to several societal problems. There is a clay shortage, and now we’re worried that there will not be a Chicken Run sequel and Shaun the Sheep might be hibernating until they invent a replacement.

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