769: Funeral Confessions, Cookie Monster, & Progressive Flo


Show Notes

We’re already preparing for 2024 (probably because 2023 was such a dud). Susie recommends the new Mike Birbiglia comedy special, The Old Man and the Pool, and discusses his sleep disorder that caused him to jump out of a La Quinta window while he was sleeping. Sarah is still recovering from her Spirit Airlines experience, and wants you all to know the little she saved was not worth it. Susie found out the recipe for Cookie Monster’s cookies and what the traits are that make for the most hilarious Cookie Monster binge. We learn about a service you can get where someone shows up at your funeral and tells your loved ones things you were too shy/scared/hesitant to tell them while you were alive. AND you can also hire them to collect your embarrassing, illegal, etc items so your loved ones don’t have to handle your naughty possessions. We just had the 60th anniversary of the assassination of JFK and how even after all these years it is still visceral for the witnesses. We also discuss the woman who is Flo from Progressive Insurance, and how she had to trade her creative dreams and goal of getting on SNL for her job with Progressive, but she likely makes $10M per year. Plus! We interview our new BFF, comedy icon, and amazing human being, Beth Stelling, about her comedy career, her experiences performing, and her vendetta against Johnny Banana.

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