716: Food Fight, Rodeo Crimes, & Animal MMA


Show Notes

Sarah was a celebrity judge for a wing contest, and Susie thinks they picked the wrong winner. But she’s probably just on edge because her favorite restaurant burnt down recently! We discuss why the chicken community has a lot of scandals and you don’t always get what you order. Sarah learned about a crazy sport that has inmates competing for small sums of money, and we debate whether this is an ethical practice and who is getting rich off of people who are incarcerated. We hear about a pod (or should we say gang?) of orca whales who have banded together to seek revenge against a group of ships, and Susie is rooting for the humans while Sarah is team orca. We also learn about a poll where people said which animals they could beat in a fight, and we are shocked at the confidence (and/or strength??) of a lot of people who seem to think they could be victorious against lions, king cobras, and bears. Come on now. We got an update on Sarah’s upcoming “marathon” (aka Sarahthon), and why she thinks her optimism about her abilities might have bit her in the butt this time around. Plus, we learn what a “lifetime supply” of various products actually is, and it’s ridiculous.

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