715: Living Wills, Chess Champion, & TikTok Detective


Show Notes

Susie starts telling a story about how she and Adam got into a fight over their estate planning and living wills, but she is suddenly interrupted in a stranger-than-fiction actual emergency while we’re recording. When we reconvene, we hear what happened, and discuss the strange coincidence of the timing. It’s wild. She talks about her new interest in chess, and tries to understand why chess might attract a certain kind of person, like Bobby Fischer, whose genius offers incredible skill at the game, but ends up causing their demise. And we discuss a scandal in the chess world involving b-holes, but Susie thinks it’s more related to the type of person who is obsessed with chess. And we learn about the woman with the highest IQ, the reason why she isn’t more famous, and why she was treated so predicably bad by interviewers over the years. We hear about a possible serial killer stalking the streets of Chicago and how one TikToker thinks he is going to solve the mystery with his “investigation.” Hear why YouTubers keep doing cringey and dangerous things, and it’s making us nuts. Susie shares why a lot of Asian-American women are named Connie, and how representation is so important. Plus, we debate who sold out more: Maury Povich or Judge Judy.

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Episode Transcript

Brain Candy Podcast – Episode 715 Transcript (Rough)

Hello! How the heck are you? I’m good!

You know I’m like fine… That’s a great answer, like there’s nothing um I’m medium like nothing

to like middle of the road like like hey my  grandma used to say no news is good news you

know no new yeah I kind of feel like that’s like  fine it feels nice yes all right there’s nothing

I’m I’m complaining about at this current moment  knock on wood Adam’s gonna kill me for telling the

story but I don’t know why you just made me think  of it I’m like scared to tell it but okay okay so

tell me what you think of this yes we got into  a squirmish people do also known as a skirmish

okay so we were we did estate planning for our  white trash estate over here and for our two

two items that we own and um but it’s like a big  old binder and it’s like um not just like money

stuff it’s like custody of or child if we die or  like if if I’m in an accident do I want to be on

the life support oh yeah this is very important  I’ve been talking to a lot of people about this   recently it really is but it is it is a pain in  the a sometimes because yeah if you if you do

the whole deal I mean it takes a minute so we had  to get this notary over here to to do it and you

got to get a witness but the witness can’t be a  family member and it really can’t be anybody named   in the darn thing so who are you gonna call the  mailman like I don’t know I only have four people

in my life so it was like a big production and so  we’re doing it it got all the pins we’re doing it

and [Music] um we get to the back of it where  it’s about like okay if you’re in an accident

and you’re brain dead do you want the tubes in or  do you want the tubes out and like keep in mind we

did all this before like you answer the questions  and then they prepare it and then you just sign it

it’s not like this is like a surprise party here  and we do the whole thing and I’m like okay so

in this case there’s a million scenarios and you  have to think about it and we did this whole thing

so just sign it don’t read it just sign it Adam  goes wait a minute tubes out I want the tubes

in no I was like you’re gonna need tubes  in a second one sign this piece of paper

and like my thing wasn’t like I didn’t  want him to like say it it was like this

notary lady is gonna be like well I can’t right  link I’m recording what what’s wrong oh my God

okay well okay we interrupted that first segment  to deal with an emergency a little trip to the

ER a little trip to the ER uh we were what I  thought was rudely interrupted by my son but

it turned out it was really interrupted oh um  I watched the footage back and I would like to

know your explanation for the following so like  Lincoln comes in you know and he says you know

Mama it’s an emergency and I’m like what was well  you know and then he says that has hurt his head

and and I said oh my God and I I get up and  then I grab my phone which makes sense and

then I took off my jean jacket now would you say  that I did not even notice that what what like

it was fast but that was my instinct was like  like what was I gonna do triage like tourniquet

that is such a good example of how in the moment  we have no we just do what we think is the right

thing and something else like I didn’t want to be  encumbered yeah it must have been like that like

that was one Theory maybe it was like because I took my headphones  off and maybe it was like I thought everything

ought to come off yeah you didn’t know where  to stop or or was it like I suddenly got hot

you know like the adrenaline I’m hot I  get it oh it could have done that okay   okay it could have been that one all of those are  good theories okay well I’ve had a lot of time

to think about this wow yeah that’s interesting  to see what you do in that moment yeah I wanted

to know if you had any insight like what did what  was like what do people like emergencies are weird

and your brand is weird things I I always  say one of my favorite Expressions is an

unusual response to an unusual situation is a  typical slash usual response yeah I guess so

you don’t know what to do in this weird

call 911 you don’t have to call 9-1-1 or something  yeah he said Dada said don’t call 911 okay that

was the only thing when I I like drove home and  I’m like calling Eli I’m like you’ll never guess

what happened and you said well what like is he  okay what happened and I said the only thing that   makes me feel like he’s like not dead is that he  said Lincoln said Adam said don’t call 9-1-1 that

was was a mistake definitely I was like and just  that I’m like we’re not listening to Adam In This

Moment yeah and when we got to the ER the lady  wasn’t gonna listen to Adam either because she

was like because normally they don’t let kids go  back with you but they couldn’t let Adam just go

by himself because he had a head injury and so  like they made an exception so we could all go

in but like she was like I don’t think he’s I’m  comprehending everything right now I was like I

think you’re right because this is doofus didn’t  want me to call 9-1-1 oh no but his logic was

um that it would be faster like that sometimes  it does take but I think if you know we’re in

this situation again we’d probably call it 9-1-1  um so I had to drive this bleeding like oh my God

injury and it was so bad but anyway he um has  got nine Staples in his head and I’m thankful

um that it wasn’t worse I’m also thankful that  it was election day so Lincoln was there when   it happened oh my God because what if he  wasn’t and you oh for real oh my God oh my

God oh my God oh my we’re like yucking it up  in here talking about Pooh stories and stuff   right right oh my God and Sarah and I both uh  didn’t miss the irony that I was talking about

his end of life and living will plans when  this occurred that really teaches you not

to make jokes I’m like this guy he’s gonna need  to be on life support oh my God I cannot believe

that that happened me neither and I know you know  like how whenever somebody has like an accident

or something and then the doctor’s always like  if it had been one millimeter you know I always

hate those but I now I get like sort of why  you hold on to them because there is such a

narrow margin of error where it could mean the  difference and so you’re so thankful oh my God

because that’s how I feel like that could that  was terrible but it could have been a life change   I hate to think about that life-changing um  so we love we love uh Adam and we oh my God

are thankful he’s not on life support or in the  ground and we hope he heals quickly we sure do

all of the like Vibes and everything to you  and Lincoln and Adam you like rest and during

his recovery I’m gonna be like hey every day you  gotta drink some athletic greens you gotta nourish

that body for real though but also the purposes of  this show yeah because it important and luckily we

e morning get those vitamins get those minerals  on the goes I know Sarah is a loyalist now it’s

become a habit we are on to our third container  of it Eli and I drink it every single morning and

I’ll tell you one of the things that I have  noticed well other people have even noticed

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of like you know I always say like we’re like  plants like the outside is kind of a reflection   on the health of the inside yeah it feels like  oh I’m healthy on the inside yeah and we were

recording 15 minutes of blame the other day and  I had to stop and I was like what are you doing   with your skin it looks so good it’s just like  I think it’s that light green and I’m like not

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know improve your yeah routine and if you’re  somebody like me who has ADHD uh vitamin D is

a big like important supplement that I did not  know with ADHD are are lacking or low end so

well that is a good tip really helps um okay  so on to happier things I suppose oh my god

um How Bizarre I feel like  you’re traumatized no I just like

it’s a sliding door moment it’s like it could  things could be so different I hate those moments

I hate stuff like that it freaks me out like I was  we were going to uh that night we went to Eli’s

like a soft opening for a restaurant that Eli  designed and I’m like I’m getting ready I’m like

doing my makeup and I don’t even know like Susie’s  at the hospital right now like this feels so weird

like this is not what the heck what is happening  I it just felt like like I could only imagine

what your family was dealing with that evening  and just yeah it makes stomach just turn thinking

about those feelings that everybody’s experiencing  yeah well and you know like whenever something

like that happens to people they’re always like  you gotta hug the people hug your kids tight or   whatever I get it and like I know that feeling but  like you cannot simulate like sort of a tragedy or

the feeling of urgency if you aren’t experiencing  that it’s just like you can’t make somebody

feel it you know and so I do have an appreciation  though so I’m just so glad that I don’t like to

think about it it was terrible right okay okay  got any poo stories or something no no I have

um so you know how I am like when Lincoln gets  into something then I I get into it and so you

know he’s gotten into chess so now I have to get  into chess and um like he doesn’t make me I just

want to you know yeah but apparently this is like  sweeping the nation I don’t know something about   like after the pandemic and then like Tick Tock  and there’s all these Queens gambits yeah Queens

Gambit yeah a lot of people are like taking up  chess and a lot of kids are which is great really

hopefully more girls and uh non-white people  right will start getting involved because my God

it’s a real white sausage fest around  the chessboards historically anyway but

um so then trying to learn the game but it’s  you know it’s not easy and so I started thinking

about the chess Champions along the way and  so I got it started watching all this stuff   about Bobby Fischer do you remember yeah  yeah okay he predates us of course but

like everyone talks about him he’s sort of  like a pop culture figure a movie searching

is about him yeah it’s not it’s just  refers to him yeah I don’t know why but

he’s just this sort of Pop Culture figure and  I thought what the heck ever happened to him   and you know I love old gossip so sure do this  is gonna be great so I start getting into him

watching all these clips of him on Johnny  Carson and like 60 minutes and stuff and I

was just so bummed out because he descended into  madness no yeah and like he he was a Jewish guy

um but he uh ultimately became a holocaust denier  no yes and like um obviously anti-semitic and um

are you kidding me can you believe no I can’t  I mean I like that is bizarre right and so then

I was like now I’m hooked I gotta like learn  everything I can about Bobby Fischer because

that I I need to un I need to solve the mystery  of like how would that even happen you know right

and so of course I think that there’s a  connection between the type of Genius that becomes

a chess master right and then what can become  illness right and paranoia and all that but like

what do you how do you make sense of that because  we all know that there is a fine line sometimes

between like extreme intelligence and then what  can happen with that I think though that there’s

an overlap there sometimes and then you got Albert  Einstein who’s like just seems happy as heck

yeah that’s it it’s it’s a difficult one to  even answer because it’s it’s that [Music] um

uh environment what is it epigenetics like  your environment and your genetics and the

circumstances and situations that happen to  you you know it I I wonder when he started

well see this is like you know I always say this  is the best part about old gossip is that so you

know the ending yeah so then you can go back and  watch stuff and see if there’s like Clues yeah   from like the early days and um what I noticed is  that so he was known for being kind of like high

maintenance like a diva kind of thing where he  wouldn’t agree to a game if like um the room was

too cold or you know like he would think somebody  messed with my like chair like he was he was like

we’re already like kind of signed to paranoia yeah  but then the media would always characterize it as

um like oh this is he’s doing that to like mess  with his opponents like this is like a power move

a strategy and like I don’t think it was no I  think this is now we can see somebody who had

like the seedling or germs of um conspiratorial or  like yeah I wonder if that like almost falls into

like kind of schizophrenia you know like it sounds  but I don’t think that that said I don’t know what

he definitely ended up extremely paranoid  and they had these like polit you know how

sometimes with your mental like political  sort of extremist views yeah whatever

and like but he I think part of why he was so  compelling to the world and why he people loved

him at the time was that he was handsome number  one and he was kind of charming and funny which

you know how a lot of times the chess guys kind  of like don’t have a winning personalities right

like they’re not known when the when your social  uh interactions are all with a chess board

you don’t get a lot of practice in the human to  human interaction well I wonder like I don’t think

it’s because they just like didn’t have time I  think they just prefer not to correct so it’s like

it serves a function yeah the I could be really  focused on chess so I don’t have to engage in that

way and face rejection in that way or whatever put  myself out there be vulnerable I’m gonna do this

but then it’s not like um I think it’s super  into Checkers like there’s something about Chess

that it attracts that kind of  mind also yeah and so anyway like

I don’t know it just bums me  out because yeah even at the end   of his life after he was clearly like off the deep  end he still was kind of interesting and funny and

said things that weren’t crazy all the time  like he he had elements of like whatever but

anyway he died when he was 64. there’s 64. chess  board wow yeah people live how would he die of

um they said that it you know it was sort  of like elements of the mental illness but

he didn’t take medicine that helped for  his kidney because he thought it was like

okay I don’t know or something this is  then he died but his mom abandoned him

and she taught him never to admit that he was  Jewish so like we can see these components like

then morphing into like yeah so hating maybe yeah  or maybe if that if she says never admit you’re

Jewish because that’ll keep you safe then that  goes to some extreme of maybe like I feel and

the mind does weird things like it could tell  him that it’s in danger and so he goes to some

very delusional coping strategy to to to almost  create the illusion of safety totally come on

wow and then there’s got to be something  like it sounds like such a disorganized mind

that maybe chess provided that organization it  was like the place where he could organize all

the thoughts and that’s the only place they  existed in an organized way maybe because

because but there are infinite number  of moves so like that can make you oh

your brain hurt you know and  then I don’t I can’t remember

I think that this was in the the how to change  your mind about psychedelics and its effect

on people who had schizophrenia or had the the

were predisposed to schizophrenia  okay that there was something about

how your mind created more possibilities and  options for you rather than narrow it narrowing

the possibilities when you do psychedelics  and where that is dangerous or can pose a

threat or have some consequences is if you  already are predisposed to schizophrenia and

you your mind already has the wirings to see  all the possibilities and then you yeah it’s

too much it’s too much and so that is that  kind of sounds a little bit like there’s some

strange overlap there in infinite possibilities  and infinite possibilities in in weird bizarre

theories you know what will impress me is when  we have a chess champion who’s like amazing but

also like gets married and like can hold a  conversation as kids and stuff right because   whatever like even there’s a new one Magnus  Carlson he’s like known as the best in the

world and whenever you go to their Wikipedia and  their personal life section it’s always like he

loves uh learning state capital you know it’s  like never about relationships or is this the

young guy who there was all the controversy around  about cheating and how okay yes I I was gonna talk

about this story months ago but there like wasn’t  enough information and then it was all just like

hearsay and I’m like I can’t come in talking about  how like the chess Community is outright or like

pointing the finger at this guy thinking that  he’s cheating with his butthole and we are not   kidding when we say that like the chess Community  believes that this guy was cheating and he’d

previously admitted to cheating but didn’t admit  how and people think that he’s doing it with some

like like by CL like he has a buzzer and a butt or  something yes yeah and that he’s like clenching it

based on what the who the [ __ ] no I don’t know  how do you cheat with a butt plug [Laughter]

I don’t think he I think what I said earlier  about that conspiratorial mindset and the

paranoia maybe is common in the community you  hear what I’m saying yeah so well and like the

idea that somebody beat them in a chess game  is too difficult to entertain it’s easier to

yeah wow and it’s it’s so funny but I don’t think  he did and like Magnus when he was like 12 or 13

they brought in like the Russian all-time champ  some guy like 60 years old by then brought him

in to play him like in a game and the guy comes  in 30 minutes late which they all do it’s some

sort of weird thing and then he sits down doesn’t  say hi doesn’t acknowledge his competitor plays

the whole game loses to the 12 year old Magnus  and then walks away the end they never talk or

whatever like these people are a little that’s  weird everyone was like yes Bobby Fischer he’s

interesting and funny and nice and then he’s like  oh [ __ ] Bobby because they’re it’s like that

like their their body what do you call it when  when somebody is a kid a child prodigy they all

have this like we’re we were child prodigy like  uh and we’re so important now you’re the old

guy yeah yeah right right and you’re like come  on like now you’re regular yeah I mean really

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please give me a challenge you know what I mean  yeah okay anyway that’s I’ll keep you posted on

my chest progress yeah let me know how it goes  thank you I’ve also been intrigued recently by um

do you know Marilyn boss Savant the smartest or  the person with the highest IQ her IQ is 230.

and she did the ask Maryland column in the Parade  Magazine for 30 Years nope no idea I always used

to look for it in the Sunday paper and Parade  Magazine it was just like a little column where

people would ask her either like logic questions  like you know famous ones or they would just ask

her like stuff that they thought of like hey  what do you think of this and then she would   tell her answer I love this I love her I’ve  always loved her and um so I was watching

interviews with her and it is as annoying as you  can imagine like male interviewers interviewing

this the 230 IQ lady oh and she’s pretty oh God  tell me everything tell me everything okay well

like first I’m already first of all wait before  you said I have to say I’m annoyed that I don’t

know who the woman with the highest IQ is but we  all know who the men who have the really high IQs

that we all know like Stephen Hawking and we  all I almost said Stephen King but I didn’t

but you know what I was so close maybe the  reason is something I wanted to talk about

which is that why in God’s name like no offense  to Maryland but like you have a 230 IQ and your

job is writing for Parade Magazine oh right  Stephen Hawking actually did some [ __ ] that   helped us right like lady yeah yeah you’re not  helping here right like she’s like I’m smart

and I’m just gonna kick back and like answer  a couple I mean maybe she is the smartest or I

mean to me I’m like she’s doing less right that  works smarter not harder I mean some would say

but like when you want to make  a difference yeah like come on

she certainly could have done more than that

so I guess that’s why we don’t most  people don’t really know her but

the the thing that I hated was how like she would  go on these shows and they would always say like

aren’t men intimidated by your your  intelligence and stuff like that

like they would never ask Stephen Hawking if  women were intimidated by his what did she say

um she usually would like try to get out of it  but in one interview she was just like yeah a lot

of them are and it sucks like I think she had  trouble finding a decent guy that like didn’t

have a chip on his shoulder about it right um but  did she try dating a Jewish man I think she think

she well he’s a doctor so odds are there you go  because I’m like they are smart and they know and

they like a smart lady smart women yeah maybe  that’s what she ended up doing but I mean like

I’m not intimidated by them it’s the best  she just one thing I really liked about   her is that whenever they would refer to  her as the smartest person in the world

she would say no that’s not accurate I I  have the highest score on the IQ test and

most people haven’t taken an IQ test and I  think there are probably a lot of people who

would score really high on it who just have  never had the opportunity all over the world

and I really appreciate that she said that or  they’re like how the test is even written and

the questions on there like I remember reading  some study that was about like counting in math

and if you give children in I think it was in some  City some major city in South America that I can’t

remember now but if you gave them like a a math  sheet with adding and subtracting they failed but

if you gave them money and told them and like turn  they could like they were like selling things on

the street and were giving correct change since  they were like very young and all of them would

were crushing it if you changed it into a like  material or item that they were familiar with like

they were familiar with doing math with money  so they were able to crush it with math yeah

in that way but if it’s like things that are  are foreign to you or then you right and it’s

sort of like okay so a bunch of white guys made  a test that white guys are really good at right

and then they say that’s the definitive way you  measure intelligence and thankfully she had the

humility to be like I mean this is a flawed system  and I’m really good at taking this test they had

her taking it like every year I mean she was like  because it really I think was like hard to believe

that someone could score that high so any hoodles  I find those fun to watch there was one with David

Letterman that was so cringy oh no I think she was  trying to be like funny because it was you know

Letterman right and at one point he goes I don’t  think you’re the smartest person in the world

no oh my God like she’s trying to  flirt with him and stuff this is a

good I like how you gave us two stories of uh  intelligent man an intelligent woman who like

present with like high IQs chess champion but  this is it really does ask the question of like

how do we measure intelligence and what really  matters like for real you know I always think

like if you were to ask an octopus who like how  intelligent a human is they’d be like a person

like that thing can’t even change colors yeah he’d  be like you mean like what a dummy yeah right yeah

right you only have two arms what can you do and  you don’t even feel with them really yeah Sarah

see you get it I mean yeah so it’s just like we we  how we measure intelligences but the subject the

bottom line is that the the game is rigged so you  do have to kind of learn how to play it so I was   like looking up like how to raise your I actually  how to play chess I am Googling that too yeah um

but that’s why I downloaded I uh your this changes  everything headspace app because you can increase

your IQ by like 20 points if you meditate wow I  don’t even know that one that’s a great incentive

because sometimes I I well I really don’t enjoy  it you know that it and having a motivation to

do anything will keep you doing it and what I  think it’s hap is really happening there is you

are creating mental bandwidth you are clearing  up space in your brain yeah and there’s no doubt

about it there’s no there’s it’s great for every  reason but that was one that was like all right   I’ll get back on this habit that makes you smarter  I don’t want to do it right why is that that

every single thing that’s good for us to doing I  really don’t understand this it makes me so mad

okay there’s gotta be some biological explanation  for that yeah what could it be though I don’t   know because evolutionarily you’d think that  we’d have like that okay drive for that yeah

totally honestly right okay next up have you  I’m sure maybe not but if you’re on Tick Tock

you might have like this stupid I’m so mad about  it the mer the Chicago serial killer no story I

have not been on Tick Tock in a minute and see I  think this is good for you like good for everyone

because like it’s it’s a cesspool I’m saying  it I’m gonna participate because I have to but

right I’m mad about it so apparently there were  Splats or Brainiac yeah notified me that there

was this potential serial killer in Chicago  and I was like what I am excited because we

haven’t had one in so long it’s been a minute  because the cameras and stuff so I was like

this great news except terrible of course let  me find out more and then it turns out that

basically tick talkers and especially this  one guy oh no just decided to like call it a

serial killer because like there’s some unsolved  murders inch or unsolved deaths I should say in

Chicago of people like turning up in the freaking  River okay that’s kind of what happens when you

have a river or any body of water like things  happen sometimes people taking their own lives

sometimes yeah they get drunk and then stumble  and plop right in there sometimes yeah whatever

but just because they’re unsolved doesn’t  mean like there’s some smiley face killer

why are they calling him that they named it  yeah they named it and so this and you know

how like the tick tockers always use these words  that make them feel important like they’ll say   like in my investigation what your Google  search shut up right yeah and and they’ll

be like I’m going to be providing them my  evidence to detectives they don’t want it

narrowing down suspects they love that do they  I don’t know it feels right from like you know

everyone in the world down to like just people in  Chicago that’s there narrowing it down oh my God

um so basically were there connections between  all of them like were they doing we’re okay

this guy says she does a big disservice to like  this this this should be obstruction of justice

or or infringing upon a ongoing investigation or  something or whatever I just see I used that word

I don’t even know if inference is that even right  I know it sounds right um law enforcement keeps   saying like please let us do our jobs right we’re  good but anyway he I had to apologize because

he basically made it up he he said that like he  um was wait do you want to say hi to Sarah oh my

God so it’s like Proof of Life please right  I was like is that our victim slash Survivor

he goes I’m just grabbing some painkillers  oh Adam look at he’s alive uh say hello to

to everyone hi oh my God I’m so glad you’re  okay yeah I’m so glad you’re not dead oh yeah

that was painful I can’t imagine  not really oh yeah I can yeah I can

there’s still like 10 Staples in it yeah this is  this is for the video version folks this is bonus

content bonus he’s doing it for clout you need to  rest y shaped deep gash in the back of my head oh

my God yeah it was bad I felt bad for link he  was like he was a hero though I said yeah yeah

he was a hero yeah he did he cope with it better  than I did that’s really good you taught him well

oh but like the um see it’s it’s okay you know  it’s okay it wasn’t that day though okay so

he basically decided one day he was walking  home from a bar late at night and like some   car passed and was sort of like suspiciously  like maybe going too slow or something and

it like got him thinking about like what if they  put took you and put you in the car and whatever

and so like all these people that go to clubs  got scared because that’s [ __ ] up it is man

what you think he’s like doing like Safety  First no I don’t but I’m saying I’m I’m I’m   is it [ __ ] up yes but is this just the new  is this a modern version of urban legends

I guess so but in urban legends we always  just did it to scare each other we weren’t   trying to pretend like we were this  gonna solve a mystery or something

and it just yeah it’s weird it’s a weird thing  to do and then he the people that have loved ones

who have died unexpected yeah uh in the area  were interested in him of course and he has a

thing where you can pay 30 bucks to no with him 15  minutes and so like the victims families would try

to zoom in maybe would just not show up because  he was like knew he was a fraud oh this guy that’s

gross is really gross yeah man he’s a scammer yeah  and he’s and he just wants to feel important so

do something important you and Marilyn vosavant  can go get get going and get a little bit yeah

so I’m I’m happy to say there’s no serial killer  but I’m sad to say like there’s no sort of like

you know recourse for like does he get  in trouble or something for this and I

just can’t get more followers or more  likes that’s what it has so it happens

um man oh and like if you read the articles about  it the law enforcement is like there is no serial

killer like there’s no connection to these various  right things yeah that’s Dane yeah it’s dangerous

it may it it changes how people see things and  view the evidence as it is like you can’t do that

yeah man I’m glad we’re on the same  page yeah what do you think about

like um are you familiar with Mr Beast yes and  only recently because I I saw I read an article

that said like he like bought a town and like is  like everybody’s living there like who is like

employed through him and then I’m in the grocery  store and they have like Mr Beast energy bars

yeah and I’m like wow this is like a whole world  that I don’t really know about but totally exists

yeah he’s like one of the  most successful YouTubers and   he started early enough that he grew and grew  and then he was smart enough to sort of just

take all of the money from you know sponsorships  and stuff and like put it back into it by giving

away money but then you get more views so then you  get more money and it just became like exponential

but one of his kind of gimmicks now and  believe me that’s all he does is gimmicks

is um like he’ll buy I guess they’re like Cochlear  implants or like okay yeah you know hearing

devices for people with impairment and I just hate  it with all my heart because it’s very much like

inspiration porn yeah and that thing where like  it doesn’t matter he doesn’t provide any of the

Nuance of like these devices are not they don’t  cure deafness they can allow you to have this

like sort of simulation of hearing when you’re  wearing it but then like when you take it out   you’re still you’re you can’t be you can’t hear  and there’s no information like that or nuance or

really encouragement of people to like regular  people to learn sign language for example or

it’s just sort of like the Band-Aid solution  yeah and then is what he’s providing like yeah

there’s a Band-Aid here’s a Band-Aid but also  like I’m gonna profit off of it but look like

I’m being charitable and I’m just bummed out  about it because I think a lot of people in the

deaf Community are just annoyed by it yeah it kind  of reduces them I think to a spectacle right and

it just makes hearing people feel good yeah for  sure and I remember seeing the movie uh sound of

metal so freaking good where uh he ends up like  really wanting the implant and gets the implant

and doesn’t even like it like the sound isn’t what  you think it would be it’s it’s not like oh here

you go the gift of being able to hear like kind  of ableist in a way like yeah like able people

always think like don’t you want to be like us  and they’re like no I’m fine I’m like yeah I’m

so annoyed by that oh and I’m sure you saw maybe  in the news that doofus YouTuber who decided to

crash across the plane yeah can you believe  he thought that was a great idea what a dummy

could have been killed yes so this YouTuber  goes up in a plane it’s one of those tiny little

whatever they call them maybe like  a single engine type of deal yeah   yeah and then jumps out right you know skydives  or whatever and then the plane obviously crashes

and he did it on purpose just for like clout  reviews or whatever yeah he might get 20 years

you know what I think people should  get this the the uh I don’t know like

consequence for sure yeah like this is because it  feels like we so often see people benefit and like

get I don’t know a payout from these dumb  decisions I feel like it’s about time that it goes

in the other direction right you know like on one  hand I can’t believe it like really you thought

this was a great idea but then on the other hand  I’m just like well yeah this is what they do they   just keep upping the ante right I mean that’s what  we said I’m like not surprised when people die if

they’re when they’re doing those like hanging off  the edge of they’re like what what are you doing

stop it what are those people called

dummies [ __ ] morons Sledge I forget what those guys are  called and then they posted videos of themselves

hailing off of skyscrapers I hate it I hate it it  makes my it makes my fingers and toes curl nope

nope nope nope nope I’m good [ __ ] that I’m sorry  yeah man it makes me feel dizzy just thinking

about it they’re dummies there was a great article  in the New York Times that I would recommend

um it was about um I wish I could remember the  title but it was basically that she was an Asian

American and her parents actually when she came  to the US she was three so she had a Chinese name

but then you know you pick sometimes you pick  like a name to assimilate an English sounding

name so when she was three she got to pick and  the only Asian American she knew was Connie Chung

and so she chose Connie and um she  thought it made her special and then

when she went to college she realized that  like they’re a gazillion Asian connies named

after Connie Chan really yeah I didn’t  know that me neither he said that like

like you you start to realize that it means  so much to have someone to look up to yeah

and so the article was cool because you know  how like people including me sort of lament the

digital culture for journalism and how like you  kind of miss holding the newspaper maybe you’re a

magazine or something yeah what is cool is how um  they can do articles that have more life to them

like the New York Times article where you scroll  down and you start to see like moving images of

Connie meeting them and all the connies together  and it was just so cute and then they showed

pictures of some of the connies and then their  moms and wait was it a Connie con and he didn’t

call it that but they totally shut up I was like  are you gonna tell me that this is because I know   you’re at a conventions now soos so this is come  on it’s a con con that is such a disappointment

what a wait what a wasted opportunity waste  come on I know you’re so right it’s just really

sweet and like I I was thinking like let’s  say you you and your family moved to Asia

like switching your name is a big deal oh yeah  like wouldn’t that be hard for you to go over and

you don’t you’re not Sarah anymore you’d have to  be whatever right that would be really difficult

yeah they all did I would pick somebody who I  like related to or yeah and it would end up being

like a pop star or something like somebody  on TV I like cake or something yeah right

yeah any cool and Connie Chung is a real character  you know how she’s married to Mari Povich right

yeah yeah what a weird match I think that every  time I think about them I’m just like I can’t

see but why do you think because you know how Mari  and Connie were both successful in journalism and

then Mari was like you know what ah I’m gonna go  a different route yeah because even like when Mari

had that talk show for many years it was like  legit you know he was trying to be like more

Oprah style or Phil Donahue or something yeah  but then like one time they did the you are the

father right and it was like gangbusters and then  never looked back it I mean it’s never not a story

right so it’s like no matter how many times  you do it people still want to know yes are

you yeah the father right and would you if you  were him would you feel like you sold out yes

do you think he without hesitation I mean  he can like cry on his bags of money so

okay wait let me ask you this who do  you think’s a bigger sellout Mari uh-huh

or Judge Judy Mari tell me why because I kind of  think it’s Judy because she came from she was a

judge that’s even more respected than just like a  talk show host or journalist okay okay okay okay

I mean she’s still that’s a good that’s a good  argument hmm I mean but maybe you think there’s

nothing wrong with Judge Judy the show but I mean  it isn’t known for its like Elegance or anything

yeah oh I feel like they’re a tie now like  okay maybe because okay here’s here’s why

I say Mari Mori Mari Mori you’re you’re  right Maureen uh uh he’s a one-trick pony

Fair Judge Judy she’s judging all kinds of  cases she’s bringing me the humor for for

all different situations and maybe it’s  even more impressive that you’re still a   judge and you’re entertaining right it’s so not  easy and he’s just opening a manila envelope

yeah sell out yeah he’s he’s like he’s inducting  the paternity right all right I’ll take that

you’re right yeah but I guess what I’m getting  at is I think Judge Judy could have done better

I mean she also crying on her money a lot of money  so much money oh my God and I remember she at an

interview where she said like she works like two  days a month I think because they oh my God yeah

and soos you and I are sitting here  with with upper like higher degrees

and we’re just doing seven million episodes of  a podcast so no you ready to sell out or what

are you out of your mind like I’ve believe me  if the religion store were hiring I would work

there but like I would probably here’s  what it would have happened people pay   therapists then for most people that get a PhD in  religious studies and then become a professor you

even if you get a 10-year track job at a  university which is really hard to do you   end up in like Butte Creek Iowa making forty  thousand dollars a year dealing with Gen Z and

their dumb excuses on why they can’t go to class  that day because they have trauma or something   oh my God I would hate it yeah you’re right  you’re right you’re right this is way better

and I’m thinking now about how all  these kids are having chat GPT write   their essays and stuff oh my God like I would  not want to be in that business no me neither

I just saw something online that said uh the  difference between like a millennial and a gen

Z employee it’s like the the Boomer boss asked the  Gen Z employee to bring them 50 sheets of paper

and the Gen Z employee like gives the boss  50 favorite like boss like these are warm

it goes yeah I didn’t want to count them all  out so I just typed in 50 to the printer and

hit print blank pages and the printer counted  about for me and I was like damn I would have

never thought of that in a million years  wow so you’re sort of like they got they

got it they know what’s up like I mean in a way  that’s more they’re not harder that’s like like

I don’t know I don’t know which is the better  way I have a relaxed to grind with those guys

nobody has like written in mad at my gen Z  rants yet I don’t know if like my time Jessie’s

not listening to us I’m wondering I’m thinking  they’re not okay yeah their moms are yeah hey guys

we see you we are you well but like okay  so like my son is Gen Z we’re the problem

we’re the ones that made these people it’s not  like I’m totally blaming them right I’m saying

like we did something wrong Yeah by listening to  these bozos my son genuinely thinks he has the

word democracy in our family I’ll be like wait a  minute I don’t think that’s how this goes no oh

um okay let me see I think well I keep thinking  about do you remember the documentary about the

amazing Randy did you ever watch that the honest  liar yeah yeah I did did you the magician and that

right yeah yeah I did take the upper Dog  Club next time I think you should because

I it’s like vague and I feel like there was a  lot to talk about like in my memory I know it   was really good and I know there’s a lot to  talk about it’s great because he devoted his

life like he was a you know magician or whatever  but then he started to just make it his job to

tell the world about charlatans and people who  were also doing tricks but then pretending they

had special powers yeah like he he did that to  like a televangelist who was pretending like to

heal people and know what they were Afflicted  with really like his wife was in his earpiece

being like they have arthritis because they would  write it on the prayer cards yes and then the wife

would read them and whatever so like people like  that who would Prey Upon vulnerable people yeah

the big focus of him was um John Edward who’s been  on the show right I mean what am I what is that

that’s a interesting noise dog shaking or  it sounded like somebody running with with

uh flippers down the hall right now I have PTSD  like I know I would do too what’s that noise yeah

okay well I don’t know what that was but at any  rate and like but I think it’d be fun for dog

Club because like it’s gonna talk about astrology  yep it’s gonna talk about psychics mediums all of

it and I think this would be a real fun combo all  right thanks guys even cerebral people really want

to believe yeah and he won’t put up with it that’s  a good one good pick all right well at any rate

um thank you for standing by us throughout  that yeah Journey we took on this episode man

that began with me making fun of  Adams oh my end of life tubular issue

and then he almost needed it I can’t believe it I  will have to have him look through that book again

make sure everything get that notary back and  you know we covered a lot of smart people today

we did we did IQ test who needs him there’s no  serial killer in Chicago yeah to the Chagrin of

many but yeah it was kind of an episode about  people who have obsessions yeah that’s true

yes and then you know you know I’m gonna have to  do a poll to see what people think Mari or Judge

Judy I think it’s a good poll all right thanks  so much for using our codes and subscribing


and all that you guys you all are the best we  love you and we’ll see you next time. [Music]

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