818: Ashley Madison, Diss Tracks, & Near Death Experiences


Show Notes

Sarah is thriving and we’re here for it! She even joined a special club of like-minded people, and it’s kind of hilarious, but also awesome. We talk about the Ashley Madison dating site for married people seeking affairs and how the documentary showed the range of outcomes for people who were exposed in the data breach. The world’s fattest monkey, Godzilla, died and we’re giving him a proper send off (sans sugar). We discuss the Kevin Spacey scandal, and how the new film about it shows how harassment and assault has the same effect regardless of gender, and how his victims felt guilt and shame for thinking they asked for it. Sarah breaks down the Drake and Kendrick Lamar diss track feud, and why Drake is cancelled. Susie explains new research on near death experiences, and how our dream states and animals “playing dead” might unlock new information on what the brain is doing during this strange, yet not uncommon, phenomenon. Iran has strict laws about men and women in films and maintaining Islamic modesty, and the directors found a useful tool in purses, luggage, and bags to get around the limitations. Plus, we talk to writer Chelsea Devantez about her memoir, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This (But I’m Going to Anyway).

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