806: Cold Plunge, Good Grief, & Blair Witch Project


Show Notes

Susie wants Sarah to have a Costa Rican tropical getaway, and Sarah agrees, but she is also thinking of going fly fishing and doing cold plunges, so this could go downhill fast. We talk about Charles Shultz, the creator of Peanuts and Charlie Brown, and Susie had an ugly cry watching the documentary about him. We celebrate a man who has the world record for longest marathon time in history (which Susie believes she could top) and boo a man who did a half marathon barefoot on ice wearing next to nothing. He also has a world record for the longest plank, and we hate him. Susie is worked up about the people who made the Blair Witch Project getting a raw deal, and it reminds us of being a reality tv star, which is its own horror genre. Plus, we hear why song lyrics are getting simpler, more repetitive, and angrier, and we’re sad about it.

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