801: New York Punching, Magical Magnet, & Nickelodeon


Show Notes

Susie got injured on the high seas, but she wants everyone to know her injury was due to a rogue wave, not alcohol because she’s had some mishaps lately and apparently in there’s a name for this in the addiction recovery world. Sarah watched Quiet on Set, so we discuss the abuse allegations, toxic culture, and reasons it wasn’t stopped. Sarah discusses the difficult transition from child to adult star. She tells us about a new magnet that can collect microplastics, and Susie is skeptical about its application and how it can be used on a mass scale. We find out a way technology is being used to help people who deal with hoarding and possibly OCD. We hear the results of a study that we’re filing under “duh” about the benefits of having pictures of loved ones around your home. We debate what’s really going on with these reports of men punching random women in New York City. Plus, we talk to Family Guy writer and former MTV VJ Damien Fahey about his career, love of music, and what he thought about that We Are The World documentary.

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