788: Elmo Abuse, Apollo 13, & Guinness World Records


Show Notes

Sarah is in her cranky era since she’s dealing with her menopausal symptoms. Susie gives Wil Wheaton a real earful about his ridiculous rant about Larry David’s recent bit on a morning show with Elmo. We mourn the loss of Sarah Rice (not our Sarah Rice, a different one). Susie shares the story of Apollo 13 including the reason their mission to the moon was ill-fated, some old gossip about the crew, and why NASA didn’t realize the flight was a success for many years. Susie is mad at the Guinness World Records organization for nit-picking with a man who made a replica of the Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks. Sarah is on the fence about their rules. We discover a wild fact about Guinness World Records live on the air and we’re still stunned. We discuss the business of infomercials, products we are tempted to buy, and why they are so addicting to watch.

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