743: Body Parts, Brain Worm, & Baby Python


Show Notes

In episode 743, we find out why Susie loves her name and she is hoping someone will name their baby after her. Sarah confesses that she had a teacher mock her name and she’s still mad at him (Mr. Majesky, we’re looking at you.) Susie talks about the rise and fall of HQ Trivia and why the Tech Bros who fail never seem to pay the consequences. We learn about a change in law that is allowing amputees to keep their body parts for religious reasons and Susie wonders why that wasn’t already allowed. We learn about a woman who had a WORM IN HER BRAIN, and Sarah loses her mind about it. It’s fantastic. Sarah finds out why she should not cut wildflowers after all. A British Museum wants the police to punish the person that stole all the art that they had stolen from other countries. We discuss the legacy of John Belushi and why he’s a hero and a villain just like everyone else!

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