726: Declared Dead, Famous Alumni, & Beige Flags


Show Notes

In episode 726, we find out the crazy connection between Wordle and one of our favorite documentaries. We question why so many people are buried alive, and suggest putting in some safeguards so we don’t have any more zombie funerals. We lose our minds about the fact that neither one of us is listed among the famous alumni of our schools, but some bozo who was on an episode of the Voice and a celebrity’s assistant made the cut. Hear some of the worst jobs we’ve had to take–we’re talking recently here–and why we never stop hustling. We learn about “beige flags” and discuss some of our own as well as those of our partners. We realized we’re pretty weird, and frankly, we should be glad we found people to live with us. We took a moment to say thank you to books. And we hear why more parents are getting involved in their adult kids’ careers, and we are not happy about it.

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