710: No Frills Motel, Jewish Weird Al, & All the Feels


Show Notes

Today we find out why Sarah regrets signing up for a marathon and Susie is saying I told you so, but she’s also suggesting Sarah hop in a car and cheat in the race. Sarah thinks Weird Al is the sweet and square version of Howard Stern, but it turns out he’s the gentile Howard Stern. Susie tells us about the time she met Weird Al and shares a sad story about his life. Sarah talks about an extremely rare condition where the person cannot feel anything at all–pleasure, pain, or pressure. We learn how a woman who has this condition has struggled to understand lots of phrases because of how frequently language relies on metaphors that refer to touch and feeling. We get an update about the principal who was fired for letting students look at the Michelangelo David statue, and how she’s making lemonade out of the lemons. We hear about a test that can determine whether a child has been sexualized too early.

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