686: Mind over Murder, LEGO Pain, & Prison Rules


Show Notes

Hear about a docuseries called Mind Over Murder where six people were wrongfully accused of the rape and murder of a woman after five of them confessed to the crime. We explore why people would say they did something they had nothing to do with, why we’re all at risk of the same strange weakness, and why humans never realize their own fragility. We discuss a woman who was found in and rescued from a storm drain not once, not twice, but thrice in the last two years, and we theorize what the hell is going on with her. Susie describes the unraveling of the Murdaugh family who were among the most powerful and elite in their town for 100 years, and why, after a boating accident, it all went wrong very quickly. We explain why the Stanford Prison Experiment might not be accurate despite being the most famous psych experiment of all time. Susie describes why the pain of stepping on a LEGO is worse than glass or fire, and Sarah’s got a theory about why it might be an emotional pain as well as a physical pain. Plus, we learn why people need subtitles now more than ever before despite “improvements” in technology. Join our book club, shop our merch, sign-up for our free newsletter, & more by visiting The Brain Candy Podcast website: Connect with us on social media: BCP Instagram: Susie’s Instagram: Sarah’s Instagram: BCP Twitter: Susie’s Twitter: Sarah’s Twitter: Go to and enter the promo code: BRAINCANDY to save $15 off your first month’s subscription! Go to and use the code BRAINCANDY to get 15% off! More podcasts at WAVE:

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