678: Death, Fever Dreams, & Craziness


Show Notes

It starts out doom and gloomy as we discuss injuries of football players and other public figures. We suggest football should become gentler and involve far fewer items of clothing…you know, for safety. Susie’s mom is having health challenges, but that doesn’t mean she won’t make fun of her, so that’s fun. But these conversations were a perfect appeteaser to our larger discussion on aging, happiness, and health. Since it’s January and that’s what’s on everybody’s mind, we discuss how to give yourself the best chance of happiness in old age. We find out the seven traits that are the best predictors of a long, healthy, happy life and they are…exactly what every other article has said for the last seven years. We learn how a “death positive” woman who encouraged people to face death with joy reacted to her own mortality. We hear how she threw herself a funeral while she was still living, and brought in documentary crews to document her journey to the other side. But we ended up thinking she wasn’t death positive, but just self-absorbed and attention-seeking. It took a real crazy turn! Speaking of crazy, we debate whether you should be “allowed” to use that word of if it’s equivalent to the stigmatizing language we’ve moved away from for people with intellectual disabilities. Plus, Sarah hallucinated that her arms were sticks and Susie can’t quit laughing. Join our book club, shop our merch, sign-up for our free newsletter, & more by visiting The Brain Candy Podcast website: Connect with us on social media: BCP Instagram: Susie’s Instagram: Sarah’s Instagram: BCP Twitter: Susie’s Twitter: Sarah’s Twitter: Protect your family today with Fabric by Gerber Life. Apply today in just 10 minutes at Sign up for your trial today at Go to and enter promo code: BRAINCANDY to save $15 off your first month’s subscription! More podcasts at WAVE:

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