642: Woodstock 99, Tommy Lee’s Wiener, & Dead Parents


Show Notes

Today’s episode got real dark, but we still had fun (we know, we’re weird). We discuss the aptly titled Trainwreck documentary about Woodstock 99, and we cannot deal with all the people swimming in shit, raping each other, and lighting things on fire. What is this, a Challenge? Anyhoo, Susie describes the new memoir by Jennette McCurdy, I’m Glad My Mom Died, about parental abuse, child stardom, and healing. We, once again, ask shows to provide psychologists for participants, especially children. It’s not that hard to be decent (*cough*MTV*cough*). Plus, we discuss the documentary about a young man who killed his neglectful and abusive father. Dead parents, abused kids. We told you it got dark, but it was a real moment of levity when we got to see Tommy Lee’s dick. So there’s that.

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