581: Dr. Death, Hidden Valley Road, & Wheel of Fortune


Show Notes

Today we get an update on Sally Rice and how Sarah is getting a workout and a lesson in empathy. We hear about a surgeon who ruined the lives of his patients due to his own god-complex and psychopathy. And we hear about a doctor who got a slap on the wrist for BRANDING the internal organs of his patients. Sarah explains amazing breakthroughs in mental health treatment, and the way culture informs how people w/ mental illnesses are treated around the world. Plus, we discuss the latest game show scandal where a woman lost a car because she said words slowly? And how her last name predicted the outcome.   Join our book club, shop our merch, sign-up for our free newsletter, & more by visiting The Brain Candy Podcast website: Connect with us on social media: BCP Instagram: Susie’s Instagram: Sarah’s Instagram: BCP Twitter: Susie’s Twitter: Sarah’s Twitter: Get 50% off your first month on ANY crate line w/ code: BRAINCANDY at More podcasts at WAVE:

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