547: Getting Lucky, Creative Inspiration, & Horse Girl


Show Notes

Today we find out how to increase your creativity and create “moments of inspiration,” and we’re kind of annoyed about the advice. Sarah reveals why she is training for a 15K and Susie does not approve. Plus, we learn the secret to getting lucky, or at least finding a four-leaf clover, and Sarah is VERY excited about this nature discovery. We find out why math and geometry can help you find a lucky charm. Join our book club, shop our merch, sign-up for our free newsletter, & more by visiting The Brain Candy Podcast website: Connect with us on social media: BCP Instagram: Susie’s Instagram: Sarah’s Instagram: BCP Twitter: Susie’s Twitter: Sarah’s Twitter: Go to & get 20% off your order! For 30% off your first month plus free shipping on any crate line use code: BRAINCANDY at For a 30-day free trial of Dipsea’s sexy content go to For free shipping & returns, go to More podcasts at WAVE:

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