500: We’ve Only Just Begun–500th Episode Celebration!


Show Notes

Today’s the day! Our 500th episode is here, and we are SOOO thankful! What a special achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without  you! To celebrate, Sarah made a Best of the Worst Tournament of Champions March Madness Bracket, and it is H I L A R I O U S! Who will be the winner (?) of the thing we hate the most??? Will it be the patriarchy? Johnny Bananas? Whistlers???? There are so many contenders for this dubious distinction! In the midst of it all we find even more things we hate (wet socks) and Susie hears her new favorite story from Sarah’s past. It involved a Troll doll. Plus, we listen to voicemails from listeners that warm our heart, make us laugh, and more than anything make us so thankful for our good fortune. Join our book club, shop our merch, sign-up for our free newsletter, & more by visiting The Brain Candy Podcast website: Connect with us on social media:BCP Instagram:   Susie’s Instagram:   Sarah’s Instagram:   BCP Twitter:   Susie’s Twitter:   Sarah’s Twitter:   Sponsors: For 20% off your first ThirdLove purchase, go to   To try the greatest vitamins ever, go to   Get 15% off your first order from American Giant when you use promo code: BRAINCANDY at   Download Best Fiends for FREE from the Apple App Store or Google Play More podcasts on WAVE:  

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