486: Identical Snowflakes, Sperm Shortage, & North Pole Toxicity


Show Notes

Today Sarah blows Susie’s mind when she reveals that scientists have discovered identical snowflakes. Susie discusses the History Channel survival-based show, Alone, and how it reveals the foibles and victories of the human spirit. We hear why there is a sperm donor shortage, and Susie hilariously forgets that cis men typically don’t have wombs. We delve into the unusual nature of of Armie Hammer’s alleged DMs, and debate whether we should be alarmed. Susie talks about a town in Alaska called North Pole where it is Christmas everyday, but there’s a troubling element as a result. Plus, we discuss near-death experiences. Don’t miss out on new merch, our awesome weekly newsletter, or the BCP Book Club! All at: https://thebraincandypodcast.com/

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