190: Elderly Sharks, Gross Viral Videos, & Dolphin Modeling


Show Notes

Hear about a shark who is either old or not really old at all. We find out that dolphins recognize themselves in mirrors way earlier than we thought (and earlier than humans). We discuss the psychology of poverty, and why the lottery is considered a tax on poor people. Plus ice sheets on Mars, space bears, viral videos, and more. And we finally talk to Bern Fisers about her book, The Little Book of Big Weight Loss. Today’s show is brought to you by Bioclarity–for your first month for only $9.95 + free shipping go to bioclarity.com and use code BRAINCANDY. And for a 4-week free trial, postage, and a digital scale go to stamps.com, click on the mic, and use code BRAINCANDY. For your free month on eHarmony.com with a 3-month subscription use code BRAINCANDY.

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