187: Dangerous Dad, Penis Whitening, & Best Buns


Show Notes

Today we talk about a new trend in Thailand where men are whitening their penises. We discuss why they’re doing it, and whether we think this will catch on. We also discuss how body hair has an important history with regard to race that informs why women might choose to remove it. We learn about a dad who photoshops his toddler into dangerous situations, but the reason he does it will give you all the feels. Plus, Sarah tells a crazy story about a truck that spilled eels all over the highway, and it was even grosser than it sounds. And Susie talks about the reason women might be freaking freezing at work, and why the patriarchy is to blame. Today’s show is brought to you by Stamps.com, for a free 4-week trial, postage, and a digital scale, go to stamps.com, click on the mic on the homepage, and use code BRAINCANDY. For 20% off your first month of SinglesSwag, go to SinglesSwag.com and enter code BRAINCANDY.

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