171: Death in the Air, Diamond Deals, & Doping Dogs


Show Notes

Today we discuss aging and whether we see the truth when we look in the mirror. Susie reveals the truth about diamond shopping, and why when you shop at the fancy places you’re paying tons more money just to get the box. Southwest is now letting bands play music on airplanes, and we can’t think of anything worse than having to listen to this nonsense. We discuss Iditarod dogs who were caught doping. We also talk to Kate Winkler Dawson about her new book, Death in the Air, and we get the scoop on serial killers. Today’s episode is brought to you by stamps.com–for a 4 week trial, a digital scale, and free postage, go to stamps.com, click on the mic, and use code BRAINCANDY. And for $30 off your first week of deliveries from HelloFresh.com and use code BRAINCANDY30.

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