163: Greatest Show on Earth, Home Depot Mansplainer, & Jewish Cheaters


Show Notes

Sarah begins with a story about a recent trip to Home Depot where she had to choose between a male and female employee. And it didn’t go well. We find out the origin of Tater-Tots and why Millennails can’t get enough of them. We discuss the Will & Grace revival, and why Sarah is obsessed. We debate whether using caffeine suppositories during Yom Kippur is bending the rules or a genius loophole. We talk about moms who held a miniature wedding for their kids, and whether we think this is adorable or creepy. Plus, we celebrate a Badass Bitch scientist and tell stories about PT Barnum. Today’s show is brought to you by stamps.com, for a 4-week trial, postage, and a digital scale, go to stamps.com, click on the microphone, and enter code BRAINCANDY. If you’re getting married, register with Zola.com/braincandy and get $50 off anything on their site. And to get a never-ending wardrobe, try letote.com, where you can get hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and accessories each month starting at only $59. Use code BRAINCANDY to get 50% off your first month!

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