140: R.Kelly’s Sex Cult, Bachelor in Paradise Update, & Beyonce Outrage


Show Notes

This episode covers so much! We start with a discussion on the Bachelor in Paradise returning, and the reaction people have about the controversial trailer. We then discuss the disturbing allegations against R. Kelly who is supposedly keeping women hostage in a sex cult. We also debate whether Beyonce’s recent released pic of her with her new twins. Some Brainiacs think it’s tacky, while others think she is a goddess and think the haters are just threatened by strong black women. We weigh in on that. But the best part of the episode is when Sarah’s friend spotted a man taking a life-sized doll in a wheelchair on a DATE to the movies. And he even bought her popcorn. Swear. Finally, we air grievances about people we yelled at recently. Today’s show was brought to you by RxBar. To get a special deal on these yummy bars (made with no B.S.) go to RxBar.com/braincandy and enter code BRAINCANDY

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