125: Sarah’s Private Messages, Catcalls, & Mommy Dead & Dearest


Show Notes

Susie has a lot of things on her mind, and wants Sarah to weigh in. Find out the best way to get men to regret complimenting you. There’s a theory that the worst thing a woman can do is to agree with compliment that a man offers. Sarah examines her private messages to see if she’s getting hit on by men. Sarah reveals why she believes she will never be kidnapped. We discuss the unscientific theory about what happens when there are three men in a pickup truck (spoiler: catcalling). Sarah cries from laughing so hard during the show, so that’s fun. We learn about the weird accent people used to have in black-and-white movies, and why it’s hard to tell where the actors were from. We talk about a study that examines why Americans smile so much, and why they have broader smiles than other countries. Speaking of smiles, Susie is obsessed with an article she read about dentistry and how it represents wealth and class. It’s fascinating–trust us! Sarah is obsessing over the documentary Mommy Dead & Dearest–holy smokes, this is some creepy stuff.

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