$9.99 / month

Brainiacs! You asked for it, so we created the Brain Candy Book Club! Join today and get access to exclusive group meetings to discuss the books, interviews with the authors where we ask questions straight from you, and for a limited time we’ll include a hand-drawn (by the one and only Sarah Rice!) candy pin to sweeten the deal (get it?)

Want a discount? Become a member.

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Nerds unite! For $9.99/month, you can be a part of our exclusive smarty club. We will be reading a selected book each month and then having a scheduled online video hangout where we can all discuss the book and drink wine and revel in our intellectual curiosity. Sarah will be like Oprah and Susie will be like Gayle, so it’ll be just like Oprah’s Book Club except none of you will get a free car.