EP194: Gay-Dar, Binge-Watching, & Animal Botox?

Today we find out about a study that claims computers can tell if you’re gay based on a picture of your face, and we debate the ethics of that. Find out why binge-watching is bad for your memory, why Plato was right again, & why people are giving camels Botox. We learned about a test to determine if music is universal and you can identify lullabies, love songs, and dance music from around the world. We talk about the plastic straw ban and find out more about the nature/nurture debate. Today’s show is brought to you by bioclarity, for your first month for only $9.95, go to bioclarity.com and use promo code BRAINCANDY. And for a free trial, postage, and a digital scale, go to stamps.com, click on the mic, and use code BRAINCANDY.

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