EP192: Bratz Dolls, Dino Hunting, & Skittles Conspiracy

Today we talk about our art doppelgängers and why some states won’t allow the Google Arts & Culture app. Hear about the Bratz dolls war with Barbie, and why it reveals a lot about intellectual property, race, culture, and even the #metoo movement. We discuss how Capetown is running out of water and the world is running out of sand. We are furious about a Skittles conspiracy that reveals the way we experience food. Plus, we talk to postdoctoral fellow at the Royal Ontario Museum, Dr. Victoria Arbour, about dinosaurs, being a woman in a male-dominated field, and evolution (you can find her here: www.pseudoplocephalus.com). Today’s show is brought to you by Zola, for a $50 credit towards your wedding registry, go to ZOLA.com/braincandy. For $20 off the amazing bedding at Brooklinen, go to brooklinen.com and use code BRAINCANDY at checkout. And for free access to the Beach Body platform, text BRAINCANDY to 303030. 

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