EP177: The Combover Mystery, Cheesecake “Factor”, & Sarah’s Real World Audition

We begin with an earnest discussion about whether men with combovers are mentally ill, and why bald is beautiful. We debate the value of Roman numerals. We talk about the hilarity of Sarah’s Real World audition video, why babies seek meaning through words, and analyze the weirdness that is The Cheesecake Factory. Plus, the differences in the way men and women write fiction and our Badass Bitch of the week. Today’s show is brought to you by MVMT watches, for 15% off got to mvmt.com/bcp. For 15% off the gorgeous children’s books at wonderbly.com use our code BRAINCANDY at checkout. For $20 off Brooklinen sheets, use code BRAINCANDY at brooklinen.com. And for the Family Gift Pack at omahasteaks.com and put BRAINCANDY in the search bar.

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