EP175: Welcome to the Real World (& The Challenge)

Every once in a while we like to satisfy your craving for some behind-the-scenes insight into your favorite guilty pleasure. In this episode, we answer questions you submitted via Facebook and email. Find out who failed the show’s psych test (and why we think the psychologist is questionable). Does production have “favorites” amongst the cast? How much luggage can we bring? Do we ever fight with crew members and more… Today’s show is brought to you by Barkbox, for a free month when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription, go to Barkbox.com and use code BRAINCANDY. To try the freakin’ delicious Omaha Steaks family box for only $49.99 (75% off!) put BRAINCANDY in the search bar! And to get 15% off a gorgeous Wonderbly children’s book use code BRAINCANDY at wonderbly.com

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  1. Topic of TJ not going up to the top is probably due to his brain injury. Google: There is a theoretical risk that low oxygen tension at altitude will dilate cerebral blood vessels and even open the blood brain barrier leading to post-concussive headache or mild brain swelling. But there are no studies to substantiate this. My husband has had head traumas and says high altitudes cause him major pain.

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