EP173: Silent Twins, Stylish Old People, & Sarah’s Injury

Ever wonder why older folks refuse to wear hearing aids? We take a fascinating look into the lives of the elderly, and find out why businesses don’t know how to deal with their needs/wants. We learn the crazy reasons why Japan has so many vending machines. We recount a bizarre story of twins who only talked to each other, and ultimately one died so the other could live. It’s bonkers. We ask what we would change about our bodies, and find out why kids have the right idea. Plus, we interview Amulya Malladi the author of The Cophenhagen Affair about relationships, depression, and family. Today’s episode is brought to you by MVMT watches. For 15% off plus free shipping/returns go to mvmt.com/bcp. Sign up at Zola for a wedding registry and get a $50 credit–just go to Zola.com/braincandy. For a free month of eHarmony when you sign up for a 3-month subscription, go to eharmony.com and use code BRAINCANDY. And for 15% off gorgeous, personalized children’s books visit wonderbly.com use our code BRAINCANDY.

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