EP168: Confessions of Ronald McDonald, Sexist Scrabble, & Girls in the Boy Scouts

Today we dive into the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and agree with Howard Stern that no one wants to see penis. We talk about some recent scholarship about food that was redacted, and why academia is a bitchy business. We discuss the Boy Scouts’ decision to let girls join, and hear about Sarah’s experience in the “Adventure Princesses” (whatever that is). Plus, we learn about the rigorous training it takes to be Ronald McDonald, why men are better at Scrabble, and the first transgender Playmate. Today’s show is brought to you by BioClarity. For $20 off your first month, go to bioclarity.com and use code BRAINCANDY (your skin will thank you!). And for $30 off your first HelloFresh.com delivery, use code BRAINCANDY30.

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