EP167: 90s Kids for Life, Naughty Animals, & the Fajita Bandit

It is hot as a mojo in our studio, but Sarah came prancing in with knee-high suede boots. It led to a discussion about 90s fashion, rompers, and debating whether Sarah could pull off a mini-backpack. Our minds are blown by a crazy optical illusion. Sarah reveals that dolphins gossip (!) and Susie discusses a study that showed how smart raccoons are. Plus, Sarah tells us about a thief who stole tons (literally) of fajitas. Today’s show is brought to you by Stamps.com–for a 4-week trial, postage, and a digital scale go to the homepage, click on the microphone, and use code BRAINCANDY. And to go to trybeachbody.com/brain for free access to the entire Beach Body On Demand exercise and nutrition platform.

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