EP161: Sexy Halloween Costumes, the Mad Pooper, & Our First Fight

Today we do not honor Hugh Hefner, but we do discuss his death, legacy, and complicated life. We converse about the “sexy” Halloween costume boon, and where we think it came from. We learn about the woman who tattooed her eyeballs, and not surprisingly something went wrong. We speculate about a woman who is apparently pooping in people’s yards in the suburbs. And we get the facts straight on common misconceptions. Plus, Sarah reveals why she still snuggles her childhood stuffed animal, and we fight over whether women should have to get their husband’s permission to go back to their maiden name. Today’s show is brought to you by Hubble–for 15 pairs of contact lenses for free, go to hubblecontacts.com. And for 15% off gorgeous MVMT watches, go to mvmt.com/bcp. And for a free month’s supply of all-natural feminine products, go to sustainnatural.com and use code BRAINCANDY.

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