EP159: Rivals 3 Regret, Magic of Tidying Up, & the Neurosis of Inspiration

Today we discuss the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and why Susie was a skeptic who converted. We hear about Sarah’s regrets from Rivals 3, and why she replays the moment. Sarah reveals her doctor told her she was turning orange. Susie talks about the Whitney Houston documentary alleging she was a lesbian. Plus, we discuss why some plead guilty to be freed from prison when they’ve been falsely accused, Ubers from hell, and why having inspirational posters means you’re neurotic. Finally, if you’d like to get 6 tubs of sweet treats from Candy Club (that’s 3 bonus tubs of candy!), go to Candy Club and use promo code BRAINCANDY. And this episode was also brought to you by Wonderbly, to order a personalized book for the child in your life and get 15% off go to wonderbly.com and use code braincandy. And to workout along with us text BRAINCANDY to 303030 and get free access to Beach Body on demand!

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