EP158: Sham Marriages, Robots Who Rape, & Joining a Harem

This episode is as silly as it gets, but is still packed full of information. We cover a recent study revealing the best way to teach babies persistence. We find out the secret reason boys are better at certain kinds of science (spoiler: it involves pee). We talk about how artificial intelligence can be scary especially when men make robots with a rape feature. We laugh till it hurts about the allure of tiny things especially the itty bitty Tiny Kitchen series. And we debate whether Lady Gaga is a bitch. Plus, we talk to model, Jill Dodd, who decided to join a billionaire’s harem. Today’s episode is brought to you by Sustain–for feminine products you can feel good about (chemical-free, organic!), visit sustainnatural.com and use code BRAINCANDY to get your first month free plus free shipping.

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