EP157: The Stripper Who Killed Nazis, Sarah’s Secret, & Cake in Alaska

Today is packed full of fun facts, hot topics, and even a revelation about Sarah’s dirty habit. We start with a lot of dumb jokes from Sarah who found out it was National Speak Like a Pirate Day. We debate an item spotted at Hobby Lobby that some people say is racist. We find out the mystery of the Wiffle Ball, which has us scratching our heads. We discuss the Kevin Durant “scandal,” where he was caught tweeting from a private Twitter account. Susie tells the story about a badass dancer who was sent to a concentration camp and ended up killing Nazis. We learn about the magic of cake mix in Alaska. Susie tells a story about a disgusting habit that Sarah had. And finally, we discuss a woman who went from a being a murderer to getting a PhD. If you’d like to get 6 tubs of candy for the price of 3 (and who wouldn’t?!) go to Candy Club and use promo code BRAINCANDY. Today’s episode is brought to you by Brooklinen, for $20 off your sheets go to Brooklinen.com and enter code BRAINCANDY.

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