EP156: Dogs are People Too, Visiting an Asylum, & Being Fat in France

Today’s show starts with a conversation about how a decimal point might cost Susie $14,000. Then they talk about a new movie coming out called Toilet, which deals with the issue of toilets in India, and why it affects public health, relationships, and women’s rights. They then learn about a recent study that revealed that dogs have feelings (duh!). Susie talks about a journalist from the early twentieth century who was checked into a women’s asylum so she could investigate the horrific conditions. They also discuss a book about what it’s like being fat in France, and how stigmatized obesity is there. Today’s show is brought to you buy Sustain feminine products, for your first month free visit sustainnatural.com and use promo code BRAINCANDY. Also, if you’re planning a wedding register at Zola.com/braincandy and get $50 towards anything in the store. And for your first month of Bioclarity.com for $9.95 + free shipping use code BRAINCANDY.

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