EP155: Celebrity Conspiracy Theories: Beyonce, Avril, & the Kardashians

Today we discuss celebrity conspiracy theories including whether Beyonce faked her pregnancy and whether she’s Solange’s mom. We debate whether Khloe Kardashian is OJ Simpson’s biological daughter. We hear about how some people think Avril Lavinge commit suicide and a body double has replaced her. Plus, find out who the hell Poot Lovato is and more. Today’s show was brought to you by Hello Fresh, for $30 off your first order, enter promo code braincandy30 at hellofresh.com. The show was also sponsored by Sustain feminine products–for your first month free visit sustainnatural.com and enter code BRAINCANDY. Finally, for 3 extra tubs of candy with your first order, go to Candy Club and use promo code BRAINCANDY.

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