EP150: Protests, Trigger Warnings, & Victoria’s Secret Tragedy

Today we discuss some of the recent events with white supremacists, pulling down Confederate statues, and protests, and we talk about whether we think these protests are helpful or necessary. Sarah tells a bizarre story about what the original use of a chainsaw was (spoiler: it involves gynecology). We learn about the sad tale of the Victoria’s Secret founder, and how beautiful undies have a tragic backstory. Plus, we debate whether trigger warnings are important or extraneous, and where we draw the line at when to offer a warning. Today’s show is brought to you by our FAVORITE skincare system, BioClarity. For your first month for only $9.95 + free shipping go to bioclarity.com and use promo code BRAINCANDY. Also, check out winc.com/braincandy for $20 off your first order of wine designed specifically for your tastes.

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