EP148: Celebrity Worship, Paparazzi, & The Price of Fame

Today’s show is all about celebrities, and why we all have stars in our eyes. We explore the sometimes excessive tactics of the paparazzi, and how it ultimately cost Princess Diana her life. We talk about the way cellphones and the ubiquity of cameras changed the nature of celebrity forever. Plus, we discuss cyber mourning when celebrities die, and why it can feel so personal to lose someone we’ve never even met. We also talk with book club author, Julie Klam, who wrote The Stars in Our Eyes. She unpacks the nature of celebrity, why we want fame, and the consequences of celebrity worship. Today’s show was brought to you by Zola, which is a one-stop-shop for registering for your wedding. Get $50 if you sign up now at zola.com using code BRAINCANDY. Also, BioClarity is offering our listeners their first month of flawless skin for $9.95 plus free shipping–go to bioclarity.com and enter code BRAINCANDY.

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