EP147: Reality TV Casting, Fidget Spinners, & Childhood Sexism

This episode has us talking about the casting of reality shows, how they decide which people to put on the show, and what is in a “casting Bible.” We then discuss fads and trends, and why Beanie Babies were such a huge cultural phenomenon. We compare that type of trend to more short-lived viral hits like fidget spinners. We discuss a recent online post by a clown who was asked by a boy to paint a butterfly on his face, but his mom said no. She made the clown paint a skull and crossbones instead. We talk about this type of sexism, and how it plays into male violence and masculinity culture in adults. Susie talks about an amazing video that describes how colors are seen in different cultures. And she talks about the business of produce, and why millennials might save rare types of fruit. Today’s show is brought to you by Brooklinen–for luxurious sheets without the crazy price go to Brooklinen.com and enter code BRAINCANDY for $20 off your order. And if you’re a dog owner, you will love the GPS and activity tracker for your dog, Whistle. Get $25 off your device now–go to whistle.com and enter code BRAINCANDY.

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