EP135: Stripper Classes, Sexuality, & Seduction

Sarah went to a stripping class, and now she wants to talk about it. Settle in for some seriously sexy time. We find out about Sarah’s love-making playlist, and some suggestions for late night loving and she details how she gets herself in the mood. We discuss the differences between men and women in the sack. Sarah also shares some fun facts about the body and sex. Plus, we talk to Bernadette Murphy who wrote the book Harley & Me in which she explores her own sexuality and identity through her motorcycle.

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  1. Sarah, you mentioned your nighttime playlist? Do you have the as public on Spotify? I’d love to see what you have on there!
    Btw, I absolutely love you guys! I work overnight and listen to music for the entire shift, I love your podcasts! They made me look so weird cracking up laughing at work all the time!

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