Ep. 67 Rivals 3 Finale Recap & Discussion

Today we discuss the Rivals 3 finale. Sarah talks about the show, Johnny Bananas, and his decision regarding the twist. She says if she has any regrets, whether she’d do another show, and her relationship with Johnny is like now.

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27 Responses to "Ep. 67 Rivals 3 Finale Recap & Discussion"
  1. Sarah, I’m watching this show from Egypt and i have to let you know that you’re great inspiring person. I love how you are planning for you life. I see you one of the most successful individuals for next 10 years.
    Screw anyone still doing this stupid show.

  2. Sarah – you are an amazing competitor and such a genuine person. Watching that finale made me sick. Bananas tried to compare that situation to what you “did to him” last time. Totally different – you were not on the same team last time, plus does he not remember when he screwed over Paula Walnuts, Nany, and even Evelyn? You deserved that prize money and I was so disgusted over what transpired, that my fiance and I bought your USA map artwork that night. I know it can’t compare to what Bananas stole from you, but you have to know how much of a positive impact you’ve had on your fans all these years, and I can’t wait to hang your art in my home.

  3. Sarah I think you are a wonderful person and I am so sorry for the way he treated you. I am heart broken for you. I didn’t think that even Johnny could stoop so low. I can’t stop thinking about how hurtful that was. I think you are great- I’ve watched every challenge – I’m a little old for it lol but I love it…until now- I don’t think I’ll ever watch again

  4. I felt heartbroken when I watched that moment on the finale, despite the fact that I knew it would occur. When Sarah just disintegrated to the ground…her spirits and feeling completely worthless and let down, I was crying along with her. Those feelings carried onto the next day, and I entrusted them with someone with whom I’m comfortable expressing feelings; I tend to feel weak if I show other people those types of emotions. I guess I am a sensitive soul that also believe in justice. Those 8 “famous” words do not apply to Sarah’s situation because u do not double-cross your own teammate, especially when you’ve convinced him/her that you’re in an amazing spot with them and have mended the broken relationship. I also felt sorry when Johnny had u convinced, even for a second, that he was “concerned” about your health. I do wonder what Johnny would have decided if you had decided to do what you had mentioned (u wish u’d waited for #TeamPrincess to get to the flag before touching it yourself). You are a much better person for the challenge, and your morals are better than those of most of the other challengers. Devin’s definition of the 3 types of challengers was awesome, and I do believe that both of you fall into that rare type. I was quite surprised when Susie said that she would have taken the money and ran if having had the opportunity to do that to Johnny (or maybe anyone, except a BFF, I suppose). I totally understand why u do not want to return as a competitor. However, would you return as a counselor…or even if not on the show, offer certain contestants your services? Even though you are a shining star, with your niceness & brains & positive messaging, I do agree that you are too good (unfortunately for your challenge fans) for being on these challenges. I liked u from Day 1 of RW: Brooklyn. I am glad for Susie and you that you both met on the Ruins, as that was meant to be. I could go on and on…Bottom line is that I’m that you no longer feel that you need the show & that you have so much good going on in your life…all the happiness & positive aspects that have been introduced to it. You will have what not many people have: great education, love for your soon to be job, great husband & kids (whenever u r ready to have them), and so much more. I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege of u entering my life and the ability to continue to have you stay in my life. I also thank Susie for knowing how special you are; you are like the odd couple that just works. I like the both of you; I just wish she was like you in regards to the money twist. #TeamSarah #TeamBrainiacs #TeamBrainCandyPodcast

  5. A part of me understood Johnny thinking Sarah did the same thing to him by sending him into elimination in Battle of the Ex’s 2. You wouldn’t expect that from a friend. But from the game perspective, he did have a chance to earn his way back in the game. It’s a different story turning on your partner and taking the money you earned together, almost as if you feel entitled to do so. I wouldn’t do that to a rival, let alone a supposed friend. Now that the cast mates have seen Johnnys true colors, I hope they find the courage to make power moves now.

  6. Sarah he knows and all the viewers know that if it were not for you Johnny would have never won the challenge. Leave your head held high and know you are ranked as being one of the best female challenge players ever. You held your own. I was glad to see Devin come to your defense. Ignore Vince because all the viewers do:). I loved it when Devin called Vince and Jenna Team Duh! haha See to Johnny these challenges are his life but to you they are only a part of your life. Plus he stole your idea of the whole “rotten banana”.

  7. I’ve been watching these Challenge shows for as long as they’ve been in existence and what John did to Sarah is perhaps the most despicable acts they’ve shown. He may say he doesn’t care what people think of him but I hope that isn’t true and that he is rotting on the inside due to guilt. As soon as they announced that twist I knew he would screw Sarah over. What a filthy pig he is.

  8. I understand what you are saying about being on the outside of the cool kids. When I was younger I was the low man on the totem pole of the popular group. There were times when I was intentionally excluded and it was very hurtful. My difference is that I am a redhead and I was treated differently because of that until I got into college. Please remember that YOU are smart, beautiful, funny and a great competitor. Don’t let those assholes make you feel like you are less of a person than you are

  9. I think it’s great that the money doesn’t mean everything to you, this is my first time listening to your podcast and I really enjoyed it. If you ever do another challenge I’ll be rooting for you!

  10. You were my favorite on Brooklyn and every challenge you were on – thank you for always being an individual. The show will be hard to watch without your dose of reality. Good luck in the future!!

  11. Love you so much Sarah and all that you represent. I have always seen you as the only person on these challenges that I can relate to. I’m done watching and I’ll be listening to your podcast instead! I know it’s a low blow but Johnny will be doing nightclub appearances for the rest of his life and you have much, MUCH more in store for yourself. You’re an inspiration!

  12. Love you ladies, but I have to disagree with Susie here when she makes it seem like Johnny didn’t have a choice and Sarah splitting it would have been crazy. He did have a choice to do the right thing. Splitting the money with Sarah would have been the right thing to do because she is why he got it. It’s completely different from Exes 2 when they were on separate teams – and Johnny did not carry her to the end of a final on that challenge. Sarah carried him here and I relate more to her view. I would not have been able to sleep at night if I did that to someone.

  13. Dear Sarah,
    I wanted you to know that when Bananas took all the money for himself I cried. Because if you weren’t his partner he probably wouldn’t have made it to the final. It’s really stupid that he thought he was repaying the favor for what you did to him. My opinion is that you did not screw him over. You gave him a chance to win but he couldn’t do it. But he screwed you over because you did it together and he just took everything from you.

  14. Hey Sarah and Susie! Big fans of you two.

    My question is for Sarah! I’m from the Bay Area, and I wanted to ask Sarah about where she grew up in San Francisco, and how did living in the Bay Area influenced her personality. I noticed she doesn’t say Hella, so I’m curious how she feels about the Bay and it’s culture.

  15. Dear Sarah,
    I am so sorry for what happened to you. If I had have been there, I would have stayed with you. My girlfriend and I were devastated. Not joking, we felt a depression afterwards. She has Twitter and she unfollowed him immediately. We hope that he won’t be on any more Challenges. It was honestly disturbing to watch. And the little bits about the production team confirmed some of our suspicions. That is almost as bad as what he did.

    The thought that I had was, what a sad human being. And I don’t mean that in the usual way to make a person feel bad. I mean that it is actually sad, in a way that we say “the world is sad” or “it is a sad day” after a mass killing. I no longer looked up to him. He was debunked. I’m not sure why anyone would want to know him. There really isn’t any point in knowing or being around someone who doesn’t feel things for people. Life is about connections, and he does not have real connections. Imagine telling him how your day is? Why would you try? You’d really have to just cower to his supposed superiority if you want to know him. Vince would be a good example of that. Yet, if you are a thinking person, you’d notice that he really isn’t superior. He’s caught up in a kind of tension then, between having to have people acknowledge his superiority to know them. There really isn’t any reason to talk to him then. He becomes a lot like Donald Trump.

    My girlfriend is going to buy a tee shirt. I was going to buy one too but there aren’t any men’s. I’ll buy the five dollar podcast thing. You have been my favourite member and I think you’re brilliant.

  16. Sarah, you will always be my favorite challenge cast member. Thank you for staying true to who you are and for always being real. Johnny has and always will be a villain on television, he doesn’t know how to be anything else. I gained so much respect for him this season only for it to be completely gone again after he kept that money. The challenge is a game, but it’s played as a team. No way would he have won without you. (Nor you without him) Voting another team in is a game move. Keeping all the money when you’re in a partnership is a —- move.

    In my eyes, you’re the cool kid Sarah!
    The bullies in the house are weak minded and undeserving of any of your emotion.

  17. Oh ladies…. Love this episode and love you guys so much! Sarah-you are amazing and an inspiration to smart girls everywhere. I love your honesty and I love that YOU ARE YOU. Never be afraid to nerd out, craft your way thru a Saturday night, or sing camp songs. You are a tremendous example for young girls! Thank you so much for being you!

  18. Watching Johnny take that money from you was unsettling, upsetting, and just plain awful. I do, however, think that Johnny was being sincere in all the friendship-building moments that led up to the final. I think that if there was no competition between the members of each team, your and Bananas’ win would have been legendary, rather than infamous. You are in the right in this situation: you sending Johnny into an elimination that HE lost is completely different than making you feel guilty for wanting reassurance that he would split the money, and then leaving you empty handed. Was he, within the rules of the game, allowed to take the money? Yes. Does that make it ok to leave his hardworking partner empty handed and ride off into the sunset calling YOU the hypocrite? No. He told you he would never pull the move you pulled, that you were absolutely heartless for taking “his money” (the money was never his, he is not entitled to first place just because he’s a talented veteran), and then called YOU the hypocrite when he did you even dirtier. You earned first place together, and you each absolutely deserved to split the first place prize. End of story. Watching him walk away with your half was devastating, and I wish nothing but good fortune and happiness for you and your family.

    • Jill you’ve summed it all up perfecty. I still feel so sick about this. So unjust. So not fair. So hurtful. I love Sarah. I now hate Johnny 100%. I loved the show until this point, and now I also HATE the show and will NEVER watch it again. Nobody has made this point, but the show should have NEVER given anybody the chance to screw somebody over so badly. I’ve been depressed about this since that night the show aired, literally. Witnessing one human being wronging another, so blatantly, so uncaringly, so cruel actually, just made me so sad and felt so bad for Sarah. I could write volumes on this, all against Johnny and the show, and all about what a great person Sarah is and how deserving she was of 50% of that prize money. Bye for now, but so horrible.

  19. It really upsets me to hear about how Sarah felt after the finale rapped filming. I know first hand how it is to grow up teased, and to be the different one whose the butt of jokes. It’s disgraceful adults make others feel that way. I think you’re both amazing women, and will always be happier and more successful than the bullies of life!

  20. If anybody works with him (Bananas) ever again they are MORONS! Let the Banana rot tour!
    1. Leroy – He sold you out already bro. You better recognize.
    2. CT- Crush this chump AGAIN!
    3. Wes- Use this info well.
    4. Paula – Solo di$do Island, nuff said
    5. J. Reilly he will do you the same way he did all the rest….Wait
    6. Cara Maria – He said you used people….LOL
    7. Zach – You already see it coming don’t you?
    8. Any woman ever on a Challenge – He is a sexist chump!

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