EP169: The Importance of Emojis, Shakespeare, & Sarah’s Theory

Today’s episode is filled with awesomeness. Susie shares how emojis came to be, how new ones gets added, and why one woman is fighting for a blue ballet flat emoji. They then discuss Shakespeare, and the curiosities of his life and times. Sarah reveals what the T-Rex is kind of a loser, and they speculate that he has a good publicist. Sarah describes a recent incident with a customer service rep where she got scolded, and how she found out it was a “cat lady” on the other end of the phone. And we learn the unusual rules for the Bunnies at the Playboy Club. Today’s show is brought to you by Hubble, for 2 weeks worth of lenses, go to hubblecontacts.com. And for $10 off the amazing FabFitFun box of goodies (worth over $200!), go to fabfitfun.com and use our code BRAINCANDY. And go to opinionoutpost.com/braincandy to sign up to take surveys and get cash, gift cards, and more!

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